How a Psychic Reading Works

Our Psychics Are Just a Phone Call Away

There are many advantages to getting a psychic reading over the phone.

Sometimes first-time customers worry that a phone connection is not as effective as a reading done in person. On the contrary, a reading that is done over the phone assures the energy is "pure."

During a phone call, the energy that a psychic reads cannot be distorted or prejudiced by any distractions they may pick up from the person being in the same room. For example, jewelry or a person's facial reactions. All professional psychics know good connections are not determined by proximity.

We have psychics all over the country and once a good connection is made, having a phone psychic at your disposal is convenient (and affordable!). It's cheaper and easier to pick up the phone rather than drive 400 miles to your favorite psychic. And what if you just have one quick question to ask? With a phone psychic you can simply call to get your answer.

Phone readings also allow California Psychics to conduct them in a place of their choosing - one that best suits their working style. When a psychic is in their own environment, they tend to be the most effective. This means accuracy for them that translates to satisfaction for you!